Brant Food Charter

The Brant Food Charter was created from 2017 to 2019 from in-depth consultations with people in Brant and Brantford.  It was endorsed by City of Brantford Council and County of Brant Council in 2019.  A toolkit was also made to go along with the charter.  The toolkit has ideas that can be used by everyone to bring the charter to life.  

A food charter is a document that is made by a community.  It talks about how a community wants their food system to work.  A food charter helps people talk and learn about their food system: what’s going well and what can be made better.  It can bring together voices from many different parts of a community and can be used to plan activities and policies around food. 

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If you have any questions, or if your organization would like to endorse the charter, please contact Carol Haberman by email  at or  by phone: 519-753-4937 ext 241


Brant-Food-Toolkit (pdf)


Brant-Food-charter (pdf)


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