Community Groups

Sustainable Brant


Sustainable Brant supports the protection of food land and the environment.  We support inclusive, transparent governance at the municipal, provincial and federal level. 

Brant Food System Coalition


The Brant Food System Coalition seeks to achieve a resilient local food system that is inclusive, healthy, equitable, and sustainable for Brant. 

Our key objectives are:

  • To be a leader for our local food system
  • To identify and respond to food systems needs, capacities, and issues in the region
  • To strengthen local capacity by creating structures and process that interact with the Coalition to achieve common goals
  • To increase awareness of our purpose and create opportunity for communication between partners and with the community
  • To advocate for policies that support our purpose
  • To identify opportunities to create intersectoral collaboration
  • To learn from food systems work being done in other municipalities and all orders of government
  • To participate in regional food movements
  • To support food sovereignty
  • To provide direction and support to designated leaders carrying out actions on behalf of the Coalition

Brant Food for Thought


Brant Food For Thought is the lead agency that supports and facilitates Student Nutrition Programs in elementary and secondary schools in Brantford, the County of Brant and Six Nations of the Grand.  We believe that good nutrition contributes to a child's ability to learn and that all children and youth should have equitable access to the most nutritious foods possible. Brant Food For Thought is investing in our children and youth today, for a healthy and vibrant community tomorrow! 

Brant County Federation of Agriculture


The Brant County Federation of Agriculture is group of directors that advocate for Brant County farmers and represent the voice of agriculture in the community.